Introduction to R, (a real analytics software program)

R is the most widely used analytics and statistical package in the world, yet is used by few appraisers.  It easily surpasses the accountant’s tool, (the spreadsheet) in terms of ease of use, reproducibility, reusability, error-checking, collaboration, and adaptability to modern data science analytic methods. 

Students leave this 7-hr class with a basic understanding of R, using RStudio as the appraiser’s interface and learning environment:

  1. Create plots to help identify relevant data (competitive market segments);

  2. Analytically identify key predictor variables for any property or market;

  3. Apply numerical descriptives for calculated market price prediction;

  4. Understand the potential of reproducible valuation product;

  5. Integrate data science tools into traditional practice.

This class provides a basis for further work in valuation data science methods.